The InaSAFE Realtime Flood page contains near real time flood impact assessments following recent floods in Jakarta, Indonesia. Flood data are sourced from PetaBencana.id who crowdsource social media reports directly from people on the ground. InaSAFE impact assessments are made every six hours for areas flooded in the last six hours. This information is used by disaster managers at BPBD DKI Jakarta to help them understand the potential scale of a disaster and to respond faster to the hardest hit communities. This is particularly important in the first few hours after a flood when it may be difficult to get accurate information regarding the impact on the community. Although this service is currently specific to Jakarta, the platform is extensible so that more cities and regions can be added easily.

The InaSAFE Realtime Flood platform allows users to see a list map of the latest report and a list of all flood reports for which an InaSAFE impact assessment has been made.  The map shows the estimated affected population and flood hazard data aggregated to RW (sub village administration area) boundaries and classified into 4 classes of water depth; less than 10cm, between 10 and 70 cm , between 71 and 150 cm and greater than 150 cm. Flood reports can be sorted or filtered by date and the number of sub villages affected. Users can zoom to a flood report and open the impact report. The platform also allows users to download the flood impact report, the original hazard data and the impact layer. The hazard data can be used in the desktop version of InaSAFE for further analysis .

The InaSAFE Realtime Flood report shows details of the flood event such as the date and time of the report and the results of the InaSAFE Realtime Flood analysis. The InaSAFE Realtime Flood analysis estimates the number of people affected by the flood using 2013 village population data for DKI Jakarta. People are considered to be affected if they are exposed to a flood depth of 10 cm or more. The InaSAFE Realtime Flood analysis also calculates the minimum needs for people who are displaced using different displacement rates for each flood hazard class; 1% for water depths between 10 and 70 cm, 3% for water depths between 71 and 150 cm, and 5% for water depths greater than 150 cm. These displacement rates are based on historical records of IDPs for flood events in Jakarta. The InaSAFE Realtime Flood analysis calculates minimum needs for the displaced population based on BNPB Perka No. 7/2008.


  • If an analysis returns no flood affected RWs then no report is produced.


  • The extent and severity of the mapped flood event may not be consistent with the actual event.
  • Exposed population varies by the time (day or night, weekends, holidays etc.). Such variations are not considered in the estimates in InaSAFE.
  • The actual impact on people may differ from the analysis results due to limitations in the accuracy of the data, the analysis model and the behaviour of the local population. It does not include a measure of uncertainty.
  • For this reason, decisions should not be made solely on the information presented here and should always be verified by ground truthing and other reliable information sources.


More information:

For more information on the PetaBencana flood impact assessment in InaSAFE please refer to the online manual.