InaSAFE Flood Realtime

This page contains near realtime flood impact assessments following recent floods in Jakarta, Indonesia. Flood data used here is sourced from who use crowdsourced data from Twitter, Telegram, Qlue, PasangMata, Z-Alert, and expert data review by BPBD-DKI Jakarta. A report is then generated every 6 hours for floods from the last 6 hour interval (if there was any flooding in that period). This report includes all flooded RWs during the last 6 hours and shows the deepest water depth recorded in the last 6 hours. This information is used by disaster managers to help them understand the potential scale of a disaster and to respond more quickly to the hardest hit communities. This is particularly important in the first few hours after a flood when it may be difficult to get accurate on-the-ground information. Although this service is currently specific to Jakarta, the platform is extensible so that we can add more cities and regions easily.




Event IDEvent IDTimePopulation AffectedFlooded RWs